Investing with
Stewardship Property Solutions


Why Choose SPS?

We treat residents with the respect and dignity they deserve. We accomplish this by making ourselves available 24/7 for maintenance and resident issues. Every year, we send out countless birthday, sympathy and congratulation cards to show residents that they’re genuinely cared about and valued, among other personalized gestures on behalf of our clients. We will always treat residents as we would like to be treated.

Within the leadership team we have over thirty years of experience purchasing, selling, and managing both residential and commercial real estate.

We offer our clients a hassle-free, once-a-month transaction. This transaction will include a monthly profit and loss report, an invoice, or a payment. This avoids numerous invoices, checks, reports, or communications when unnecessary.

We currently manage and maintain over 370 residential/commercial units within an approximate 40-mile radius of Massillon, Ohio.

We only use licensed and insured realtors to handle resident management, post eviction notices, sign leases, etc.

We use a strategically blended approach (in-house team vs. sub-contractors) when it comes to maintenance tasks. We use only licensed electricians and plumbers to handle building maintenance.

We have long term working relationships with real estate and eviction attorneys in Wayne, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, and Holmes counties that we’re happy to make available to you whenever needed.

Client Services Offered

  • Full “ownership approach” management

  • 24/7 access to your property income/expense records in our online portal

  • Full scheduling, coordination, and completion of all maintenance projects

  • Scouting of new prospect properties

  • Monthly or annual strategy, planning and review meetings upon request

  • Rent collection and tracking

  • Bill paying

  • Handling of evictions (Please see FAQ for details)

  • Monthly and annual reports generated

  • Basic set up of resident relationship and correspondence

  • Return address envelopes for rent payments

  • Signing, renewing, and enforcing of leases

Still have questions?

Read through our FAQs to see if we can answer them for you...

Q: Will you handle evictions?
A: In most cases, yes, we are able to facilitate evictions when they arise.  However, only an owner or an attorney can legally file a complaint and prosecute a forcible entry and eviction in court. While your account manager at SPS can serve the required notice and testify on behalf of the owner, they may not file the complaint or appear on behalf of the owner in the appropriate court. Please be aware that an attorney will have to be involved in any eviction action.

Q: Why does your pricing seem more expensive than most other property management companies I’ve talked to?
A: Very simply put, because we don’t have hidden incentives or fees attached to the work we do. As investors ourselves, we found it very frustrating to find out that the percentage we paid other property management companies wasn’t the true net cost to do business with them. For example, large bonuses paid when re-renting a vacancy, minimum service charges for maintenance calls, higher than market rates for maintenance labor along with no incentive whatsoever in finding the best sub-contractors at the lowest price possible. These are just a few of the true costs attached to many management companies that they’d rather not talk about. This led us to create a fee structure that is based on a single percentage of gross rents collected and a single percentage of maintenance work performed.

By far, the majority of our maintenance work is handled with our in-house team of maintenance professionals at staggered labor rates to benefit you, the property owner, instead of us, the management team. Why pay an astronomical labor rate for someone to address basic/simple maintenance tasks? At the same time, there are circumstances when paying a higher rate for a more seasoned/experienced worker may be the wisest choice. We do our best to discern which task requires which level of skill.

This allows you to easily calculate where you stand from an overall profitability standpoint each and every month. It avoids any incentive for us to do more work than needed or turn-over tenants by requiring bonuses when re-renting apartments

Q: Are you insured to protect me against potential lawsuits?
A: Yes, we do carry liability insurance for our in-house team.  In addition, we carry a significant insurance policy to protect you from employee errors and omissions, dishonesty, and fidelity related incidents. We do, however, require that you as the owner carry a separate insurance policy that fully covers you against tenant negligence, lawsuit claims, structural/building replacement and all other typical property owner insurance related concerns.

Q: Will you manage my single family home?
A: While our focus is on multi-family units and complexes, under certain circumstances we will consider your single family home.

Q: In what areas do you manage properties?
A: We currently manage properties within an approximate 30-mile radius of Massillon, Ohio. We feel we can provide the utmost service to you by operating locally. We will consider properties within the following areas—Massillon, Canton, Strasburg, Dover, New Philadelphia, Orrville, Medina, Wooster, and Millersburg.